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Unique IT Infrastructure Visibility

for Improving Profitability.

Our Inframeter™ business intelligence platform is built for the C-Suite

to hold IT teams accountable and close the IT information arbitrage.

How can Inframeter improve

your organization's profitability?

Audit utilization of physical server capacity across all your data center locations (internal or cloud).
Leverage independent and verifiable metrics to hold IT teams accountable for unused idle resources and over-provisioned servers.
Purchase the exact amount of resources you need, when you need them.

Inframeter is Secure and Easy to Use.

The Inframeter system runs securely behind your corporate firewall.
Our software agents (or virtual sensors) have a very tiny CPU footprint.
Our sensors require 'read-only' access and do not create any unnecessary vulnerabilities to your server security or uptime.

Inframeter Use Cases

Cloud Migrations
Use Inframeter to audit existing infrastructure usage before migrating to cloud and avoid paying for capacity you don't need.
Cost Recovery
Use Inframeter to help right-size over-provisioned server capacity and to shut-off unused idle resources.

What people are saying:

"Cloud Pricing Services has a revolutionary service/software that helps customers right-size when they move off legacy gear into bare metal or public cloud."
- Michael Orell, President & CEO