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The C-Suite/IT Information Gap

Holistic Visibility | Vendor Neutral | Built for the C-Suite


The "Info Gap" Explained

The C-Suite/IT Information Gap is an inherent communication barrier between C-Suite/Finance and IT Operations that creates significant IT over-spending.  Current solutions are deficient and actually perpetuate the info gap.

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Inframeter™ SaaS Platform 

Built for leadership, our Inframeter business intelligence platform provides an impartial, holistic proxy for compute consumption across your entire hybrid IT estate. 


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Our Unique WCU

The Workload Consumption Unit (WCU) establishes a common measure across disparate server components and facilitates an apples-to-apples cost comparison across vendors and technologies.

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Inframeter™ Use Cases

From M&A, governance and oversight, and cost optimization, Inframeter's broad set of strategic use cases drives profitability by closing the C-Suite/IT information gap.

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Our Position Paper

Enterprises are repositioning to survive or thrive through M&A and divestitures.  Find out how you could greatly enhance your business' value.  Read:

An Executive's Guide for Optimizing the Value of Your Technology Assets

We're Talking Real Money

Uncover costly "zombie" servers.  Save time, toil, and money by right-sizing your next cloud migration or tech refresh.  With Inframeter, customers can expect a significant return on investment.

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Our View On Bare Metal 

We provide our perspective as to why running HPC workloads on bare metal cloud provides an important strategic advantage.  Read:


Bare Metal Cloud is the Future of High-Performance Computing

ClearSky Alliance News

On March 31st, 2020, Cloud Pricing Services and ClearSky Technology Partners announced a Strategic Alliance to deliver unique IT infrastructure visibility and cost management capabilities.

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What People Are Saying...

"Cloud Pricing Services has a revolutionary service/software that helps customers right-size when they move off legacy gear into bare metal or public cloud."

Michael Orell, CEO

Figure8 Onsite

"With Inframeter, we're able to collaborate with the C-Suite and IT and objectively identify areas to quickly improve efficiencies."

Rich Van Duysen, CEO

ClearSky Technology Partners

IBM Business Partners and Customers

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