Strategic Alliance Formed to Address the C-Suite/IT Information Gap

Cloud Pricing Services and ClearSky Technology Partners have partnered to provide C-Suite customers with unique, actionable insights into IT infrastructure usage.  The solution promotes improved profitability and lower high-performance computing costs.

MARCH 31, 2020 - CHARLOTTE, NC - Cloud Pricing Services (CPS) and ClearSky Technology Partners entered into a strategic alliance to deliver unique IT infrastructure visibility and cost management capabilities to C-Suite customers.  The alliance enhances CPS’ market position for Inframeter™, its proprietary IT infrastructure business intelligence platform.  At the same time, ClearSky is expected to significantly expand its advisory reach and capabilities as a leader in Cloud Cost Optimization. 


The partnership provides unprecedented value to the marketplace, leveraging each company’s respective strengths.  For ClearSky, Inframeter™ provides an unbiased and independent metering software that audits physical resource utilization and also reports unused idle and over-provisioning capacity metrics.  In addition, real-time market rate comparisons will be available to the C-Suite for more accurate cost analysis.  For CPS, ClearSky provides a value-added advisory service that helps customers achieve competitive advantages by pairing Inframeter with ClearSky’s proprietary cost recovery methodologies.


“We’ve entered an era where many corporations are likely facing significant profitability headwinds,” says Tim Martin, CPS’ CEO.  “Cloud and hybrid expenditures have rapidly accelerated in recent years, while the C-Suite continues to lack appropriate visibility to manage IT as a business.  In this new era, cloud cost optimization must become a critical function of the C-Suite in order to realize maximum business value and profitability,” said Martin.


“With Inframeter™, we’re able to accurately analyze IT infrastructure utilization and costs which complements our infrastructure alignment techniques; this helps us close the information gap between the C-Suite and IT,” said ClearSky CEO Rich Van Duysen.  “Until now, the C-Suite hasn’t been able to effectively govern and manage cloud IT expenses like other business units.  With CPS’ Inframeter, we’re able to collaborate with the C-Suite and IT and objectively identify areas to quickly improve efficiencies.  Our relationship with CPS will build upon our 100+ combined years of advisory experience in implementing digital transformation strategies that will drive bottom-live savings for our customers,” said Van Duysen.


ClearSky is now offering a complimentary 5-day market rate assessment.  Interested parties are encouraged to visit for more information and register today.


About Cloud Pricing Services

Cloud Pricing Services has developed Inframeter, a patent-pending IT infrastructure business intelligence platform. Built for the C-Suite, Inframeter’s intuitive user interface delivers unique IT infrastructure visibility to ensure IT teams are held accountable for bare metal and virtual resource allocations. Our software continuously audits resource utilizations in real-time and identifies any over-provisioning and idle unused capacity.  Inframeter also translates computational output into a reliable unit of measure for a seamless market rate comparison. Now, C-Suite executives can effectively track, manage, and optimize HPC costs to improve profitability.  For more information, visit


About ClearSky Technology Partners


ClearSky Technology Partners is a leading Technology Services, Consulting and Digital Transformation firm specializing in spend optimization and technology transitions.  We help executive leaders be at the forefront of innovation to address and speed up the transition opportunities in the evolving world of cloud, digital and platforms.  Additionally ClearSky enables the transformation of IT operations from a cost center to a strategic business partner.  Our solutions help eliminate tech debt and determine strategic funding programs to bridge the gap between IT and Business. ClearSky delivers on average 30% savings while improving services to our customers.


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