Inframeter™ has a Broad Set

of Strategic Use Cases

  • Right-Size Workloads - Audit resources before migrating or refreshing hardware; make informed decisions to ensure optimal configurations and/or vendor enterprise agreements (EA) / enterprise discount plans (EDP)​

  • Governance / Oversight - Independent and verifiable metrics as a 3rd party proxy measure to hold your teams accountable; expense justification.

  • Consolidation - Quantify resource utilizations and identify available capacity to consolidate workloads in order to reduce your server count or sunset data centers (ex: M&A)

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) / Intelligent Augmentation - Configure AI to handle or assist with rules-based IT processes via Inframeter data output (ex: storage or memory autoscaling); enhance/enable staff to devote more time to higher-value work.

  • Idle Alerting RPAs - Monitor for idle servers across cloud, colo, and on-premise environments; shut down and save on unused resources (ex: EC2 & EBS, electricity).

  • Cost Allocation Tagging / Chargeback - Effectively chargeback departments for actual usage (work), not by what's been allocated/provisioned (configurations).  Achieve cost/performance alignment. 

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